Annual Plan FAQ

Our Annual Plan subscriptions provide the greatest discount savings we offer. Here are frequently asked questions and our answers.

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What is the cost savings over a monthly plan?

We have two paid plans, Advanced and Professional. They both have the same discount program, pay for 10 months of licenses, and receive 2 free! Which computes to 17% - 20%, depending on the plan.

Professional Plan: $180/ user per year. This is a $36 dollar savings annually per user.

Advanced Plan: $120/user per year. This is a $24 dollar savings annually per user.

What happens when I add and remove licenses?

As you have purchased a set license count for a 12-month period, you are able to transfer unused licenses to other users.

If you would like to add more licenses in the middle of your term, we will prorate and co-term those additional licenses to your original license purchase.

Can we bundle discounts with the Annual Plan?

While we may run promotional discounts from time to time, our annual plan discounts will always be the better deal. Since we are offering such a deep discount, we cannot combine other discount promotions with our annual plans.

How to switch to the Annual Plan?

To proceed with moving to our Annual Plan, please reach out to our Customer Support via the yellow chat box to the right or by emailing [email protected].

If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

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