TimeZest will bring automation to scheduling appointments with your clients. As a user of TimeZest, we want to bring a clear understanding of what you can expect and what your clients will experience. Many features are customizable, if you notice areas that could use an adjustment, please communicate these with your Administrator.

Standard scheduling within a Service Ticket

Canceling an Appointment

There are many reasons a technician may need to cancel a session, let's walk through how TimeZest handles cancellation on the user's side of things.

When you have scheduled a call, the meeting will appear on your ConnectWise Calendar, just as any other schedule entry. The color of the appointment will be determined by if you are scheduling within a Service Ticket or Project Ticket.

Features to know:

  • Panel Scheduling allows you to schedule up to three internal resources on a single call. TimeZest will display common availability for those resources to the end-user and include all resources on the appointment.

  • Team Scheduling is different than Panel Scheduling. When you review the Resources drop-down, you'll see Teams listed (if set up in your system). When a Team is used, only one member of that team will be scheduled for the call. Think of it as automatic dispatching within a group of predetermined individuals.

  • Duration allows you to change the duration of the appointment, on the fly. This will override the duration setting of an Appointment Type.

  • Schedule appointment with a different contact allows you to send the meeting invitation to another contact other than the primary contact on the ticket.

This is our collection of help articles containing detailed information on all features available in TimeZest: Features | TimeZest Help Center. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking on the chatbox to the right or at [email protected].

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