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Scheduling online meetings with Microsoft Teams
Scheduling online meetings with Microsoft Teams

Automatically schedule a Teams online meeting

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TimeZest's Microsoft Teams integration gives it the ability to automatically schedule a Teams online meeting when a client schedules an appointment with TimeZest. This guide will show you how to set it up.

The Microsoft Teams integration uses a beta API which Microsoft hasn't fully released yet. This doesn't affect its functionality or reliability, but there is a risk that Microsoft may discontinue the API call we use, and the TimeZest integration will no longer be able to function. But, unless and until that happens, it's fine for you to use.

Update your email templates

If you've set up any custom email templates for your organization, you'll need to add some additional content to them so that TimeZest can include the information the client will need to join the scheduled online meeting.

In the Email Body of the email template that is sent to the client, the following variables are available to add so your clients will have access to join the Zoom meeting:

  • Online Meeting Client URL - The URL that the client should use to join the online meeting for an appointment if one has been created.

  • Online Meeting Password - The password needed to join the online meeting, if one has been created.

  • Online Meeting Type - A string indicating the type of online meeting - either "Zoom" or "Microsoft Teams".

Your technicians will also have a variable to add to any technician confirmation email so they can join the meeting:

  • Online Meeting Technician URL - The URL that the technician should use to join the online meeting for an appointment if one has been created.

TimeZest's built-in templates have already been updated, so you don't need to do anything if you're using them.

Adding the Integration

To connect TimeZest with Microsoft Teams, go to the Integrations page in the TimeZest UI. Click on the Microsoft Teams integration.

To authenticate, the TimeZest integration will need to be approved by an Office 365 global admin, as it is an account-level application rather than a user-level one.

Click the Authenticate with Microsoft Teams button, then follow the Office 365 prompts to approve the application. You'll be returned to the integration page.

Don't be concerned if all members are shown as not associated with a Teams user account. In the background, TimeZest is querying Office 365 in order to match users there with the members in TimeZest, using their email address as a matching key. After a minute or so, you can refresh the screen to see which members have been matched.

Configuring Appointment Types for Microsoft Teams

To configure TimeZest to create a Teams online meeting for a particular appointment type, simply go to that appointment type in the Appointment Types screen, and select the Online Meetings section. Select Schedule a Microsoft Teams online meeting with this appointment, and click Save & Close. That's it.

Scheduling with Microsoft Teams

In the TimeZest pod, meetings with online meetings will have a small camera icon next to them in the drop-down list.

TimeZest will also warn you if you try to schedule a meeting with an appointment type that has a Microsoft Teams meeting, but the scheduled member doesn't have an account:

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