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TimeZest Email Campaign for your Customer Rollout
TimeZest Email Campaign for your Customer Rollout

A series of emails to communicate the benefits of TimeZest to your clients and educate them on what to expect as you rollout TimeZest.

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Once you've purchased TimeZest, the next challenge you'll face is communicating the rollout of automated scheduling to your clients. We have provided a sample copy below for a series of three emails to help in your rollout of TimeZest. We hope this helps make communication with your clients easy or at least provides some inspiration that you can make your own.

Tip: It is recommended to provide a screenshot of an email template coming from TimeZest so your clients can recognize them as legitimate. We have included this in the second email template below. This image can be obtained by creating a test ticket and emailing it to yourself, or when using a custom email template, sending yourself a preview in the editing mode.

Intro Email

Subject: Process Improvement - Simplified Scheduling

Preview Text: We've implemented a new program to streamline our scheduling process.

Hello [contactfirstname],

We’ve heard that one of your biggest frustrations as a client is the service scheduling process. We frequently play a game of ping-pong to pick a time that works for everyone. This back and forth leads to inefficiency in delivering you the quickest and most responsive service possible. To resolve these scheduling challenges, we have purchased an automated scheduling system as part of our continuous operational improvement initiative. When we need to schedule time together, you can find and book the time that works best for you, based on our team’s real-time availability.

In the next few days, we’ll be sending you a how-to email on utilizing this new tool, as well as a reminder to take advantage of this service to make our next meeting more seamless and efficient for you.

Cheers to a better service experience,

[Your IT Team]

How It Works Email

SUBJECT: How Our Scheduling System Works

Preview Text: Making the most of our enhanced scheduling service

Hello [contactfirstname],

Throughout your time working with us, you’ve become accustomed to the process of submitting service requests. Oftentimes, we are able to handle your issue from our office behind the scenes. Sometimes, we need to schedule a time to work together on things like service requests, project tasks, or quarterly business reviews. As part of our automated scheduling system rollout, we'd like to communicate what will happen now:

  1. Our team will determine how much time we need to schedule based on the task at hand.

  2. You will receive a scheduling link through email, inviting you to choose the time that best suits you. The times provided are based on our real-time availability.

  3. Once scheduled, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a calendar invite.

  4. The calendar invite will include meeting instructions.

We acknowledge that security concerns may arise when emails are sent outside our system. The scheduling emails will be sent from [Domain/email address]. To give you an idea of what to expect, we have provided a sample below:

[Insert Image of TimeZest scheduling email sample containing your logo]

If you experience any challenges with our new system, please notify us. We look forward to continuing to serve you better!

[Your IT Team]

Final Email

Subject: Reminder – We’ve just rolled out Enhanced Scheduling

Preview Text: If you receive an invitation, make sure you book your time!

Hello [contactfirstname],

As we previously communicated, we rolled out a brand-new scheduling system to make coordinating appointments easier.

This is a quick reminder that if you receive a request to schedule time, the email notice will include the length of time we need and our real-time availability. Simply choose a time that works for you and we’ll shoot over a confirmation.

As technology professionals, we are constantly looking for technology solutions to operate more efficiently and hope you enjoy the new streamlined scheduling experience with our team.

We look forward to delivering you world-class service,

[Your IT Team]

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