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How can I cancel my TimeZest subscription?
How can I cancel my TimeZest subscription?

You can easily cancel your TimeZest subscription at any time.

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We're sorry to see you go, but it's easy to cancel your TimeZest subscription.

To cancel your TimeZest subscription, log into TimeZest and visit Account & Billing:

Click the billing portal link on the right to open the billing portal. You'll see something like the following showing your TimeZest subscription:

Click on the subscription - labelled "TimeZest Monthly Subscription" - to access the details for that subscription:

Now simply click Cancel Subscription to be taken to the cancellation screen:

Finally, enter a cancellation reason if you wish, and click Confirm Cancellation. Your TimeZest subscription will now be cancelled.

If you do have any feedback about TimeZest, including why it didn't work for you, we'd love to hear it. Drop us a note at [email protected]

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