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Rescheduling and Cancellation

Allow your clients to change and cancel their appointments

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Rescheduling and Cancellation is only available to TimeZest subscribers on the TimeZest Advanced and TimeZest Professional plans.
TimeZest's rescheduling and cancellation feature gives your team and your clients the ability to cancel and select new times for appointments.

Cancellation and rescheduling for clients can be enabled or disabled for each appointment type. This is so you can disable rescheduling where it doesn't make sense, or might cause problems, such as for on-site appointments. To enable it for a particular appointment type, go there in TimeZest, and select the Allow Rescheduling option.

When this option is enabled, clients will see two additional buttons on the confirmation screen for their appointment. When they use these two buttons, TimeZest will automatically send all the relevant emails to both your client and your team, as well as update the schedule entry in the PSA calendar and leave internal notes on the ticket.

When a client cancels an appointment, they will be asked to provide an optional reason for the cancellation. This message will be added to the internal notes of the ticket.

The default TimeZest notification, confirmation, and cancellation emails include the necessary information for your clients. If you use custom email templates, you'll need to ensure they include the necessary variables.

We've written a guide that covers the steps here.
Your team can also cancel scheduling requests and appointments from the TimeZest pod, without regard to the setting of the appointment type. There's a "Cancel" link in the pod for each scheduling request:

When your team cancels an appointment before the client has scheduled a time, TimeZest will put the scheduling request in a canceled state, which means that the client will see the following message if they try to schedule an appointment. TimeZest will not send an email to the client notifying them of the cancellation.

When your team cancels an appointment after the client has chosen a time for their appointment, TimeZest will ask for a cancellation reason. This cancellation reason will be sent to the client with the email that notifies them of the cancellation and will be logged in internal notes.

Internal Note:

Cancellation email sent to the client:


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