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Automatically remind clients if they don't respond to a scheduling request.

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Sometimes your clients will miss a TimeZest email or be distracted before they're able to select a time for their appointment. TimeZest can be configured to send up to 2 automatic reminders by email if your clients don't respond to the initial notification email.

These emails are not reminders for clients who have selected an appointment. The calendar invite TimeZest sends out when confirming an appointment includes a default 10-minutes-before reminder.

Reminders only trigger when an invitation is sent from within the TimeZest Pod or Insight. They are not sent when URLs are used, including copying the URL from the TimeZest Pod or Insight. This is because TimeZest does not know when these URLs are sent, and thus cannot calculate when to send a reminder.

Email Templates

The reminder email TimeZest sends to your clients is a template, like the notification and confirmation emails. Your TimeZest account has a built-in "Default Reminder Template", which is styled to match the default notification and confirmation templates. 

If you wish to customize the text, layout, or branding of the reminder email, you can create new email templates to use. Select Email Settings in the TimeZest UI, select New Email Template, then select Reminder as the type of template to create.

Setting up Reminders

To configure reminders, locate Reminders in your individual Appointment Types in the TimeZest UI.

Click on Add New Reminder and simply select the time after the original notification is sent to remind the client, and the email template to use.

Then click "Save Changes" to save the changes you've made. If you need to remove a reminder, click "Remove", and then "Save Changes".

TimeZest checks every 5 minutes if any reminders need to be sent.

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