Reminders are only available to TimeZest subscribers on the TimeZest Advanced and TimeZest Professional plans.

Your clients are just as busy as you are, which means the mightn't see the email TimeZest sends asking them to select a time, or they might get distracted by something else. This means your technicians or dispatchers have to spend time chasing them up in order to close out tickets. What a waste of time!

We've now introduced reminders to TimeZest. You can configure up to two reminders, and they work like this: once the configured amount of time has passed, and your client hasn't chosen a time for their appointment, TimeZest will send them a gentle reminder. You can even customise the email template that TimeZest uses, to match other emails you send and your brand.

You can configure reminders in the new Reminders menu item. Email Templates for reminders can be created just like normal email templates.

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