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New Feature: Team Scheduling
New Feature: Team Scheduling
TimeZest can now schedule with Teams, automatically allocating appointments.
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Team Scheduling is only available to TimeZest subscribers on the TimeZest Professional plan.

We've just released a major upgrade to TimeZest, which gives it the ability to schedule teams โ€” i.e. give an appointment to a single member of a team. It works like this: instead of selecting a member to be scheduled in the TimeZest pod, you can now select a team. TimeZest will show your client appointment slots based on the entire team's availability, and allocate the appointment to an available member.

We support 3 types of teams: Service and Project Teams, which are managed in ConnectWise Manage, and TimeZest-Defined Teams, which you create in TimeZest by selecting which members belong to it.

As well, TimeZest can use 2 different scheduling algorithms to allocate appointments to teams: round-robin, which distributes appointments fairly to all team members, and maximum availability, which maximizes the number of potential slots offered to clients. ย 

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