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Technician Email Notification Configuration
Technician Email Notification Configuration

Control the email notifications that TimeZest sends after your clients schedule an appointment.

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By default, after a client selects a time for their appointment, TimeZest sends a notification email to both the client and the scheduled member with an attached calendar invite.

This feature allows you to control the email sent to the scheduled member. You can find this setting in Appointment Types:

There are three possible settings:

  • TimeZest sends an email notification to the scheduled member, with a calendar invite attached that they can add to their local calendar.

  • TimeZest sends an email notification, but without a calendar invite. This can be useful if you're using calendar sync between Microsoft Outlook and ConnectWise PSA. Because Outlook (and other email clients) will automatically add the calendar invite to the Outlook calendar β€” even if the member doesn't accept or decline it, this appointment will by synced into the ConnectWise PSA calendar, where it will be a duplicate of the schedule entry which TimeZest creates directly. Selecting this option will prevent this behavior.

  • TimeZest sends no email notification at all to the scheduled member.

Nothing in this setting will change the behavior of TimeZest as it relates to your clients.

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