Single External Email Addresses

If you don't wish to reveal your members' individual email addresses to clients, this is for you.

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Some MSPs prefer not to reveal the individual email addresses of their technicians to clients, to avoid the situation where clients start contacting technicians directly, instead of going through the ticketing system. Until now, TimeZest has included the individual email of technicians in the email confirmations we send after an appointment has been scheduled.

You can now override this behaviour. If you go to Email Settings, there's a new option, "External Email Address", which allows you to specify a particular email address which TimeZest will use when communicating with your clients. The name of the technician will still be used, however.

A small caveat: when a client accepts the calendar invite we send with the confirmation email, modern email clients like Outlook and G Suite will send a response email to the email address specified, saying that the client has accepted the meeting. If you use your main support or contact email address, you may wish to filter out these "Accepted" and "Declined" notifications, or perhaps considering using a specific email address to receive them. If you use a non-existent email address, clients will see "Mail Delivery Errors" and the like when their email program sends the responses.

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