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Configure TimeZest to match your brand.

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To provide your clients with a seamless experience, TimeZest can be branded to use your logo and brand colors.


You'll need a copy of your logo to upload to TimeZest, which meets the following requirements:

  • It's in either GIF, PNG or JPEG format.

  • It should be at least 400 pixels wide — if it is smaller than this, it will be scaled up with a loss of image quality.

  • It should have a white or transparent background.

As well, you can choose a brand color. This should be a bold, strong color as we'll use white text on it. You'll need it in hex format — something like "#ccff00". Your graphic designer or web designer should be able to help you with this.

Setting up a Brand

To configure your brand, go to Branding in the TimeZest web interface.

If you wish to add a logo, click Choose File and select the logo from where you've saved it on your computer. 

If you wish to set a brand color, enter its hex value here.

You can set one or the other, or set both a logo and brand color if you wish.

Click Save Changes, and TimeZest will immediately start using your new settings.

How TimeZest displays your brand

TimeZest will use your brand in a couple of places.

The main location is the appointment selection screen where your clients will choose a time for their appointments. Here, we'll display the logo if one is configured (if not, we simply display nothing), and we'll set the color of the buttons to match your brand color, if one is set. If no brand color is set, the buttons default to blue.

The same logo and colors are used on the next two screens in the appointment selection and confirmation process.

The second place we use your logo is in the default notification and confirmation emails we send to your clients, notifying them to select a time, and to confirm the appointment they've selected.

Important: The logo is only included in the default email templates which TimeZest uses. If you customize the HTML for your templates, then you'll need to take care of inserting your logo if you wish.

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