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Add descriptive text or instructions to TimeZest's emails.

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Sometimes you need to add a little bit more context to the scheduling requests that you send to clients. For example, where you're planning to remotely access a client's PC, you might want them to choose a time when they'll be away from their computer. Or you might want to include details of how you'll connect with a client.

You can now do this in TimeZest with custom email messages. In every appointment type, there are now two new fields, Notification Message and Confirmation Message:

You can use these two fields to add some additional text to the emails we send to your clients on your behalf.

The notification message, if it's present, will be included in the initial notification we send to clients when a new scheduling request is created β€” the email that asks them to click a link so they can select a time.

The confirmation message, if present, will be included in the confirmation email we send the client after they've selected a time.

In both cases, in the default TimeZest email templates, these messages are inserted as the last piece of text in the email, just before the complimentary close ("Kind Regards, <Your Company Name>").

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