Buffer Times

Keep space between your appointments, so you have time to prepare and follow-up.

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Buffer times gives you the ability to specify what TimeZest can block as a certain amount of time before, after or both on an appointment.

Buffer times have a multitude of uses. You can ensure that your technicians have a certain amount of time before calling a client to prepare themselves, and read the ticket history. You could use buffer time after a call to ensure that there's time to update the ticket and anything else before moving onto the next thing. For on-site appointments, buffer times will ensure there's sufficient time to drive to the client's premises and return.

Buffer times are set on each Appointment Type, so you can choose the best values for the type and duration of the appointment.

In addition to TimeZest ensuring available time before and/or after the appointment, TimeZest can also add the buffer to your calendar as an event so that other appointments cannot be scheduled during that time.

By enabling the Write this buffer time into the calendar toggle, TimeZest will create entries in your calendar before and/or after the appointment to ensure nothing else can be scheduled into those times. These buffer appointments will be of the same type and configuration as the main appointment.

If the appointment is rescheduled, the buffer times will move with the rescheduled appointment.

You will still have the freedom to adjust or delete the buffer time on your calendar if you need to extend or shorten the buffer time to fit your needs.

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