Custom Availability

Control exactly when clients are able to schedule with you.

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Custom Availability is only available to TimeZest subscribers on the TimeZest Advanced and TimeZest Professional plans.

TimeZest has so far only supported a single timezone and calendar for each account, relying on the default calendar and time zone configured for the Company in ConnectWise Manage. 

This has proven to be limiting for those partners who operate in multiple locations, or perhaps have multiple shifts.

TimeZest looks at the time zone and calendar set for each individual member when determining which appointment times to offer clients with that member. This includes looking at the holiday list configured for each individual member.

You don't have to do anything for this to take effect — it's now the new default in TimeZest.

Custom Availability

Many partners have told us that they'd like to only make certain days, or certain parts of their day available to clients to book appointments in — it's difficult to achieve this by changing calendar settings in ConnectWise Manage because they're used in so many places within it.

You can now specify TimeZest-specific availability which only has an effect in TimeZest, and which override the settings in ConnectWise Manage. 

To configure this, go to Members and click Configure on any activated member.

You can then specify whether you wish TimeZest to use the availability configured in
ConnectWise Manage, or specify a custom availability — for example, if you only want clients to be able to schedule appointments with that member in the morning:

If you click Save Changes, TimeZest will use those times as your availability when scheduling with your clients. You can configure this differently for each member. And so you can see at a glance if any members are using a custom availability, we display a summary in the members screen:

You can also select a custom time zone for the member if you wish.

Remember: Availability and time zones are linked — if you specify a custom timezone in TimeZest, but not custom availability, TimeZest will interpret the start and end times in the calendar in ConnectWise Manage in that time zone — and vice versa.

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