New Feature: the TimeZest Pod

Closer integration with ConnectWise PSA, and more information at your fingertips.

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In order to even more closely integrate with ConnectWise PSA, and to provide a better foundation for us to build future features, we've developed the TimeZest pod.

With a quicker way to schedule an appointment, as well as a clear display of all the scheduling requests for a particular ticket, the pod gives you an instant view of everything. As well, you can now schedule multiple appointments for any ticket at once - something that wasn't possible with our existing status-triggered process.

We'll be concentrating all our development effort going forward on the pod, as it will allow us to deliver great new features that simply wouldn't be possible with the old approach. We'll also decommission the existing way at some point in the future.

There is an automated wizard to easily migrate you to the TimeZest pod. If you have an older TimeZest account, you'll see a notification when you log in to TimeZest.

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