This guide is for ConnectWise Manage members who wish to use TimeZest to schedule appointments with their clients related to service and project tickets.


There are a couple of prerequisites that need to be in place first:

  • TimeZest setup needs to be completed, so TimeZest have a working API connection to your ConnectWise Manage instance, and configured the pod.

  • You need to have made the pod visible in ConnectWise Manage — click the Gear icon at the top left of the Service Ticket or Project Ticket screen, select Pod Configuration, and move the TimeZest pod into the Displayed column.


Once you've created a Ticket in ConnectWise Manage, and saved it, simply go to the TimeZest pod, and select the member or team you'd like to schedule and the Appointment Type. Click Schedule, and TimeZest will start the scheduling process with the client.

Only Members who have been activated for use with TimeZest will appear in the Member drop-down list. Your TimeZest administrator can activate and deactivate members.

TimeZest will create internal notes on the ticket so you can see what it's done. As well, the current status of all scheduling requests for a ticket are visible in the pod.

What Happens Next

TimeZest will send an email to your client like the following, with a link they can click to choose a time for their appointment.

When your client clicks the link, they'll be able to choose a time for the appointment:

Once they've selected a time and confirmed it, TimeZest will create a schedule entry for the selected time on the ticket, and send an email with a calendar invitation to the client. 

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